Where to find the right counsellor

Which counsellor is right for me?

Throughout my career I’ve found that people sometimes find looking for a counsellor a difficult and confusing task. “I just go by the photo” they say, or “its like going on a dating site!”

You will need someone independent of your friendship circle. Someone you can trust, who doesn’t already know your background. That way you won’t be imagining what they are already thinking about you. A counsellor will earn that trust by being non-judgemental, genuine and professional. They will aim to see your world how you see it, and then you can get two heads looking at the situation instead of one.

A counsellors job is to value everything you bring to the sessions and see it through fresh non-judgmental eyes. A good counsellor will believe that everything you do was decided upon with the best intentions, based on the information available to you at that time, including your mistakes. Even mistakes you made when you think you should know better, are probably through a lack of awareness. This attitude is how a counsellor can look through their judgements into what is being said and help you navigate a way to learn to make different decisions in the future.

If you feel judged by your counsellor, then maybe the match isn’t right for you. In this case, it’s entirely normal to shop around and find someone else. Of course counselling is not a quick fix, so you will need to think about whether you have given the counsellor an opportunity to gain your trust.

Where to look for the right counsellor

Mostly, I’m proud to say, my clients find me through word of mouth. perhaps from someone who has heard of me from my years of teaching counselling, or through managing counselling and supervision within charities and other organisations. Many referrals however come to me from counselling directories, particularly online clients from across the country.

The BACP has a popular one, being generally considered the largest professional membership organisation. Click here to see my BACP advert, or here to browse BACP.

Another popular directory is The Counselling Directory. This often appears at the top of Google search, and very easy to use. I think that most online referrals I get are through this site. Click here to see my advert, or here to browse.

Growing in popularity is Psychology Todays’ directory of therapists. I get about 10% of my referrals through this site. Click here to see my advert, or here to browse.

Instagram is a fun way for me to show my personality and existential take on life. Here is my page, or look for @bevhalecounselling. Look in my Instagram bio for a link to my website. Don’t forget to give me a follow, then you will see my posts in your feed.

A Facebook page is becoming more and more popular with therapists. Click here to see mine, although it seems to be more effective for networking purposes than receiving referrals, as many of those who follow are already my friends.